My first Zara suit

12:54 AM

Here we go.

When it comes to suits I don't buy anything off the rack from fast fashion stores such as Zara, H&M, Topman, Forever21, etc, etc.... I love everything else from these brands and their modern take on mens wear, because it's affordable, but not suits. I could maybe buy a blazer / sport coat specifically for cold weather seasons and that's it. With that said, a few months ago Zara came up with a blue double breasted summer suit that I cannot deny and let me tell you why.

  • It's double breasted
  • It's half-lined (see above photo, totally breathable)
  • Fits like a glove (high arm hole and lightly padded shoulder)
  • Lapel stitching
  • It's navy
That alone is enough for me to spend a small tag price and fix the bad details and alterations after. It came with 4 plastic buttons and there's not enough fabric at the front that the buttons are too close to each other. The biggest selling point to me is that it's half-lined and the outer material is wool. 99% of suits from fast fashion clothing stores are poorly made with terrible materials. The price is cheap simply because the fabric choices are also cheap made purely or mixed with synthetic materials. Polyester or poly-mix fabric is the most common choice for the suit and its lining. Now I don't want to get into details with suit fabrics and i'd rather just talk about it on a separate blog post, but know that for the most part, amongst other things, synthetic materials don't breath well. They're very hot to wear and that's just one of the few reasons why it's cheap. Anyways!!! I'm getting way ahead of myself so i'll just post the before image and the image after the alterations.

BEFORE: alteration done, but with the 4 plastic buttons that came with it.

AFTER:  bought 6 white horn buttons to replace the plastic ones. (It's the same suit just different exposure so the colors are different.)

Therefore this is my very first suit from Zara; after all this years they came up with a suit worth buying. It may not last as long as my other ones, but you get what you paid for.
My advice is if you're hunting for a cheap suit I suggest that you look for something that is either half-lined or unlined, because if you sweat and in a warm climate environment the difference in the interior lining is night and day.
You might see other bloggers with cool suits from fast fashion brands and you're thinking about buying them then that's just fine, but do your research first. Chances are they're getting paid to wear them, or not, and they won't tell you in details the quality of it. If you dig deeper just might end up finding that gem of a suit at a reasonable price. There are a lot of tricks to make a cheap suit tolerable to wear and one of my favorite is getting the interior lining replaced with natural fabric. It cost a small amount of money and the result is very rewarding. I do it for thrifted sport coats.

Thank you for reading: =)

Fun fact about suits: Did you know that it costs more money to make an unlined suit than fully-lined? Truth

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