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Behold the Dover Series and Frankie Series:

The wooden watch trend is very new to me and it's only recently that i've got to acquire such thanks to JORDI thought it was strange at first, but the moment I opened the box I knew I have something special. I mean come on just the thought of a wrist watch made from wood is enough to tickle your curiosity. I like the design, the weight, and that it screams echo-friendly on every inch of it. I've received the  Dover Series Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood and the Frankie Series Dark Sandalwood & Emerald pictured below courtesy of JORD.

JORD is an american brand that's responsible for most of the best sustainable wooden watches around. Their modern design looks stylish, luxurious, and sophisticated.

JORD uses top quality wood material in an eco-friendly manufacturing process. The weight of these watches are impressively light. The variation of brown color works well on any outfit whether you're in a suit or weekend casual.

Fair warning, do not submerge them in water as the wood may expand plus the watch itself is not waterproof. It is however ok with light water contact and NO don't wear it to your next marathon race. All in all I am very impress and it's easily one of my favorite amongst my collections.

Check out the collection at JORD 
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