It's tweed time!

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As a menswear enthusiast who obsesses over anything vintage I cannot not have a tweed jacket in my collection. This 18th century Scottish piece has been coveted by country men for being both rugged and stylish. However, i’m not here to tell you the history of the tweed jacket, but how to wear it or more specifically how I wear it.

The material for this jacket is so thick that it is well suited for colder climate such as fall, winter, and up to early spring. You can get it on a variety of colors, but the most common are gray, brown, and green. Solid and check are the most common pattern to be had. Nowadays you don’t need to be a rich landowner, hunting in the countryside with your friends armed with a hunting rifle, and hound dogs just to wear a tweed jacket. In fact, it’s so versatile you can wear it for a date night or a weekend out with your co-workers.

 Anything Goes:
Styled with a vest from Jcrew.
I like to play around with accessories every now and then as you can see on the above photo. Collar pin, rings, and a wool pocket square accents the look to create a style on its own. Mix it with a waistcoat and tie to give it that sophisticated look. This is more experimental and a matter of self preference so if you're bold go for it.

Business Casual:
This yellowish green check tweed jacket is paired with a textured black denim jeans and a green double monk strap shoe (not in picture). I wouldn't recommend brown chinos on this specific jacket simply because it might clash with the color and won't create a good contrast.
Perfectly good for running errands without looking too casual or lazy.
 A more relaxed look with a white cotton trouser for that mid spring look. This is perfect for business casual and of course the wool tie is optional. If you did wear a tie just ditch the tie clip and let it hang. Remember that tweed fabrics are thing so you might look a little bigger in it.

Outdoors Man
On this look I styled my tweed jacket with a rugged distressed jean and boots for that outdoor look. For extra layer there's a wool blazer and a french bulldog scarf from bows n ties. Functionality is my main concern as I want to be able to move around on any terrain while at the same time layered in warmth. Double barrel hunting rifle would've been a good touch, but I have no permit to carry. lol

Corporate look
This wool tweed will make you stand out in the office for sure, but hey that can't be a bad thing right? It's a seasonal suit meant for colder weather, however there is also a summer tweed, but more on that next time. Stick to darker color such as gray with no pattern. A pair of brown double monk strap or wing tip will do, however you can also try Chelsea boots if your trouser have cuffs on it. Be bold I say!

Date night
Here you can have fun with the suit. You can either wear them separately or together. Wear a white tee, shirt with no tie, or turtleneck top like the one i'm wearing in the above photo. No ties, you are not taking your boss out for lunch.

Stay stylish,

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