Create Your Own Digital Business Card In 3 Easy Steps

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A digital business card is basically a QR code that when scanned will take you to the users designated site. 

What is a QR code exactly?
"A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by smartphones. It allows to encode over 4000 characters in a two dimensional barcode. QR Codes may be used to display text to the user, to open a URL, save a contact to the address book or to compose text messages. "QR Code" is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED."
Read the article here and how to use QR codes as part of your marketing strategy here.

On this post I will teach you how to create your own code and use it as a digital business card.


The first step is to register your site on a generator such as or any of the one's listed here.

This is what it looks like if you are doing this on your mobile device.

Entire your sites full URL address then press Done. The site will then generate a QR code that looks like the photo below. The site will then ask you to register before you can save your code so the trick to by passing this step is to use your phones screenshot function. Crop the screenshot image and voila!
This is my Instagram QR code. Try and point your phone camera to it. :)


Now here's the fun part: go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper > All Photos > Select your QR code screenshot then adjust the perspective so the full code is showing. Once you're done just set it as a lock screen and you're good to go!

My lock screen.
For iOS users all you need is your phones camera, but for Android you'll need to download a QR code scanner app such as the one's here.

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