My New York Fashion Week Men's 2018 Looks

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I've had the privilege of attending last week's 2018 NYFWM Fall / Winter presentations with some of the District's finest gentlemen. It was my first year attending and I didn't know what to expect, so I came overprepared. There was a lot of running around from one location to another, chaos, bad weather; but it was also an exhilarating and genuinely fun experience. With that said, here are my looks in the 4 days that I attended.

DAY 1:

The first day's outfit consisted of a wax cotton jacket and knee-high military boots as my two main pieces, because when it comes to Fashion Week holding back is not an option! "Follow your style and don't overthink it" was my thought process. As seen on PAUSE MAGAZINE with O'Neil Gardner and Barnette Holston. Shot by @aagdolla for Pause Online.
First day of the show walking to the venue.

Image shot in DC a week after with similar look.

Trouser by Postcard Italy
Wax Cotton Jacket by Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren
Shirt by Hugh & Crye
Boots by Dr. Martens
Tie by The Tie Bar
Portfolio by Danka Boutique

DAY 2:

For my morning outfit I went with an all-weather camo field jacket as my main piece. I didn't want to carry a bag, so it only made sense to wear something with a lot of accessory pockets. It was very windy at pier 59 (where some of the shows were held) so the windproof qualities of the field jacket helped a great deal.

Image shot by Jonathan Daniel Pryce for VOGUE
Image shot by O'Neil Gardner at the Abasi Rosborough Runway Show
Image shot by O'Neil Gardner outside Skylight Modern after a show.
Sweater by Quadro Italy
Jacket by Ralph Lauren
Trouser by Ovadia & Sons X Gap
Suede boots by Suitsupply
Red Blazer by Europe Craft Executive Fit

For the more formal evening shows, I switched to an elegant 70's vintage tweed jacket with maroon and white houndstooth check and a navy blue windowpane pattern. As seen on Perry Ellis Runway Show shot by Amber De Vos for Getty Images.

With the Alpaca Boiz :)) after the Perry Ellis Runway Show.

DAY 3:

The weather took a turn for the worst on day 3. It was wind and rain mixed with snow, but that didn't deter the crowd. At this point, staying warm and dry was my only concern. To battle the elements I added an extra layer, put a hat on, and finished the look with some rain boots. Images below shot by O'Neil Gardner.

Outside Skylight Modern after the PEACEBIRD  and Chen Peng Runway show.
Fashion needs to be functional without sacrificing one's style.

New York subway heading to the next show.

Hat by Stetson
Shirt by Hugh & Crye
Sweater by Tasso Elba
Jacket is a vintage Schott Bros B3 Shearling Bomber
Trouser by J. Crew

DAY 4:

Our fourth day was more relaxing. Fashion Week transitioned from Men's to Women's, so we didn't have much shows on our schedule. After our events we decided to hit Dumbo, Brooklyn to shoot our looks of the day.
Image shot by Mickey Holiday.
Image shot by Mickey Holiday.
Rollneck top by Armani Exchange
90's Peacoat Collection by Abercrombie
Trouser by J. Crew
Camo bag by Chris Cardi
Shoes by Suitsupply
Hat by Brixton

Many of my looks this week were military-inspired, specifically from the Army on day 2, Navy on day 4, and Air Force on day 3. Taking a piece from each branch, I was able to put together a comfortable and functional look.

I want to thank friends old and new for a fantastic experience at my first New York Fashion Week, and a special shout-out to the DC crew.  Til' the next one!

From left to right O'Neil, Steve, Romin, Barnette, and me.
Image shot by Diego.

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  1. Great post. I'm glad you had a good time at NYFWM. You looked amazing. Can't wait to see what you do in July!

    1. I did and thank you very much cannot wait to go back!

  2. Amazing post , I really enjoyed looking at all the different looks you provided in this post!
    Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see your new looks for fashion week in summer!


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