Peacebird at New York Fashion Week A/W 2018

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A recap of TMALL China Day A/W 2018 Runway Show featuring PEACEBIRD last Wednesday, February 7.

Domestic fashion group PEACEBIRD made its New York Fashion Week debut, which was their first appearance in the international market. The design mode in this show combined Chinese campus fashion from the eighties and nineties with contemporary street fashion to redefine Chinese new fashion. PEACEBIRD reused the idea of Chinese pop from the eighties and nineties and mixed it up with new street fashion in the show. The brand presented unisex clothing looks in mixed gender catwalk show. PEACEBIRD hoped to show the favorite fashion mode of Chinese young people in New York and tried to resonate with overseas consumers. In this first show overseas, PEACEBIRD awakened campus dream of this young generation. The brand particularly chose ‘serious and lively’ gymnastics music in the 1980s and 1990s as background music to show the Chinese athleisure and preppy trend, which made the brand young, simple, sincere and effortless chic. This mixed gender catwalk show named “New Studentism” well presented the tendency of vintage aesthetics among new young generation, and also showed lots of unexpected interesting details. Although Chinese school uniforms used to give people a boring impression, the popularity of vintage style contributed to the strike in unisex clothing such as white shirts, blue pants and white sneakers, which was also an inevitable part of fashion. Surprisingly, PEACEBIRD presented a collection created with an iconic American brand, Coca-Cola, in the show. The interesting interaction between Chinese pop and this American brand strengthened the fearless and brave attitude of young people that the brand tried to present.

I want this look specially that coat!

There's a lot of reference to vintage 80's design and coke prints that I’m really digging. The relax boxy look seems so comfortable I can see myself wearing them especially large overcoats, bags, and overalls.

All images provided by PEACEBIRD and Don Ashby.

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  1. Def digging the looks in this show! Love the use of contrasting bright colors!


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